Alexology now accepts Nxt donations!

The Nxt cryptocurrency was launched in 2013.

If you’ve read my earlier post then you would know that I began accepting Peercoin donations for my blog because I believe the technology of proof-of-stake (PoS) to be interesting and worth exploring. Despite being the first PoS coin however, Peercoin still retained a proof-of-work mining scheme in order to handle the distribution of their coins especially during their initial phase of growth.

Nxt is another cryptocurrency that is interesting to me because it relies purely on proof-of-stake and thus forgoes mining entirely. In addition, it also features a Java-based codebase written entirely from the ground up as well as features not found in simple Bitcoin clones such as a decentralized asset exchange (think of a stock exchange) and a monetary system that allows users to create their own coins and tokens on top of the blockchain:

The official Nxt client interface (click to expand).

The official download page for the Nxt client can be found here. Make sure that Java is installed first. If you’re using Ubuntu like me, just enter sudo apt install default-jdk in the command line to install Java. Underneath the download links, there is also a blockchain bootstrap available to speed up syncing with the network.

And finally, if you are interested in helping support my work then feel free to donate some NXT to the following address:


A regularly updated list of all donation methods accepted by this site can be found here.

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